Okay,so as many people have noticed by now, Youtube.com is now officily labeled as internet poop.They have recently been bought out by Google,and using theyr’e honest ways,Youtube now deletes all videos that are copyrighted.This includes TV show episodes.I have recently discovered Veoh.Veoh is a super awesome website that is just like Youtube……other than the fact that they are not gay, and dont delete thees wonderful TV episodes.Too bad for us that WordPress (My blog host) doesn’t allow Veoh videos in posts. (Don’t ask me) Luckily, I can still link you to super sweet videos, until WordPress allows this.Enjoy:

Clicky Here


WTF?Are you one of those people that spends so much time and effort trying to get emulators and rom’s on your PSP?You never got it to work, did you?Nobody does.The other day, I spent so much time trying to get it all figured out.No luck,and no luck from searching the internet either.Yep.If you know,I’ll bet if you commented with your info,that would tell everyobdy in the world how.

See, that was completely pointless,but I felt like posting it.If you don’t like that I just posted that, you can eat poop as shown below.



Apples are good.People usually don’t munch on them, but whatever.It’s random.Just like this blog.Applemunchys is the randomest, funniest blog you will find.It has no real purpose other than to entertain me and you.Or course, I will also have other, non-random stuff, like video game stuff, and cool stuff.Well, be sure to spread the word, and to tell your friends about this entertaining world inside of Applemunchys.